Goal Setting

If I am going to write a blaaaaaaahg (which I apparently need to do to be eligible for an entry level career in communications…) I am going to make it useful to me at the Radiator. Then there is the work I have been putting into BHW… maybe I will work on BHW goals later.

UNDERWRITING: I want to make sure that there is a clear process and procedure for underwriting. Every show should be underwritten. Everyone with a radio show needs to know what underwriting is and how to execute an underwriting announcements. I want to make scripts available on index cards in a roladex type thing, I want to trace how underwriting earnings are spent. I need to keep impecable records.

PSA’s:  I want to produce and load into automation at least one new public service announcement. This is where I want to do some major community outreach. I want to involve as many non-profits as possible. At the moment we are working a lot with CEDO and I am working on several with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. I want to get higher quality recordings and include great audio.

RADIO SHOW: I have the reins for this BHW Afterschool Show, I need to give it a purpose and structure. I am going to bring in touring musicians for interviews and accoustic sets. Maybe some phone interviews too.  There should be new music also and news– I think we should do a local news segment and a weather segment. The show needs an underwriter too… maybe it should have something else entertaining— a story, a poem, a game, a play, a recipe, a “how-to” … ?  It needs to be podcast.

BLOG: Blogging needs to happen at least three times a week and at least one of them needs to be added to the Radiator site.

MUSIC:  Field research means checking out live music twice a week (at least). And listening to music for at least 5 hours online, and listen to radio whenever I have the opportunity. Knowing what’s out there is a major part of the job.

Let’s start with this for now…


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