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Portland, Oregon — The Land of Tea and Coffee

It’s day four here on the West Coast and it is pretty much all that I wanted it to be.   I had planned coming out here on the pretense of vacation… which is true and exactly what I had wanted and needed.  It was time to get away from the nordic north east and explore what the rest of the United States looked like.

Originally, I had hoped to make this a working vacation. Visiting radio stations and making connections was going to be the focus… but now it looks like I want to make this a vacation and try to relax. And by relax I mean, sit in Cafes and tap tap tap on my computer all day.  It’s not a  good time to seem negligent toward the booking of music in Burlington.

In fact, it’s been uncanny— the number of bands in this town right now that I’ve been in touch with the last few months. For example,  I met up with Evan Way of the Parson Red Heads for a slice at Vicente’s Pizza on Hawthorne. They released their new album YEARLING this Tuesday, an will be playing at Mississippi Studios this Friday.  Also on the bill is Jeremy from The Roadside Graves, an East Coast Band that recently played a show at the Skinny Pancake — though it was kind of a wash— literally, it got rained on. And Dolorean is co-billing. They’ve made it on my playlist the last couple of shows I played at WRUV. On a side note of awesomeness, Parsons Red Heads are making a cameo in the episode of Portlandia currently being filmed (today!).

AND this Thursday, The Milk Carton Kids are playing at the Doug Fir.  The club has been highly recommended, and based on the neat-o web videos, namely Nick Jaina’s — I am prepared for a good evening.

Sunday was unfortunately the evening of a botched two-fer. Shenandoah Davis (playing in October in Burlington) was playing at the Old Church with a local musician, Ezza — who is on Radioactivity Bryan’s list of must-see musicians.

Today, we wait to hear from KBOO and hopefully make a plan to visit or talk over coffeeeeee somewhere. In the meantime, I’ll continue to eavesdrop on these Germans in the SE Division St Stumptown.


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