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Goal Setting

If I am going to write a blaaaaaaahg (which I apparently need to do to be eligible for an entry level career in communications…) I am going to make it useful to me at the Radiator. Then there is the work I have been putting into BHW… maybe I will work on BHW goals later.

UNDERWRITING: I want to make sure that there is a clear process and procedure for underwriting. Every show should be underwritten. Everyone with a radio show needs to know what underwriting is and how to execute an underwriting announcements. I want to make scripts available on index cards in a roladex type thing, I want to trace how underwriting earnings are spent. I need to keep impecable records.

PSA’s:  I want to produce and load into automation at least one new public service announcement. This is where I want to do some major community outreach. I want to involve as many non-profits as possible. At the moment we are working a lot with CEDO and I am working on several with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. I want to get higher quality recordings and include great audio.

RADIO SHOW: I have the reins for this BHW Afterschool Show, I need to give it a purpose and structure. I am going to bring in touring musicians for interviews and accoustic sets. Maybe some phone interviews too.  There should be new music also and news– I think we should do a local news segment and a weather segment. The show needs an underwriter too… maybe it should have something else entertaining— a story, a poem, a game, a play, a recipe, a “how-to” … ?  It needs to be podcast.

BLOG: Blogging needs to happen at least three times a week and at least one of them needs to be added to the Radiator site.

MUSIC:  Field research means checking out live music twice a week (at least). And listening to music for at least 5 hours online, and listen to radio whenever I have the opportunity. Knowing what’s out there is a major part of the job.

Let’s start with this for now…


Tuning in to the Warm Sound of WOMM-LP


This is my attempt to keep track of everything that I am doing. Having graduated with a degree in English from UVM I feel as though I am qualified for everything… but I have yet to earn the widom that comes with age and experience. I think I am beating around the bush. This is a blog to record the struggles and incredible success I am going to have in my first year out of college trying to make our fledgling community radio station fly.

My goals and plans are grandeous but not impossible, and I think with some daily reflection things will get better as they go along. I am learning to manage interns, to delegate resonsibility better, offer direction and insite as well as seek it out… and most of all, I am getting comfortable with this idea that I really do need to ask people to give me money and to accept it.  Fortunately, I really believe what I am doing is good and right and beneficial to the whole and individual in a mighty synergistic way.

My goals can be broken up by: programming, underwriting, management, clerical, development, personal…

I think in order to solicite underwriting I really need to believe in our on-air product, not just it’s potential. So I want our programming up to speed.

All time slot, not including safe harbor NEED to be filled by live DJ’s.

I would like smaller informtive “news” segments integrated into the schedule… I am hoping to involve the intervale for a “garden report” and I am psyched to see what Ruby Perry pulls together for “city council updates” and she already has very cute “historical moment” segments.

We’ll have PSA’s ready to go.

So, that’s step one. Now as for steps two and on…

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